Wood Floors

A hardwood floor will last as long as your home does, but it will only continue to look beautiful if you take steps to properly care for it. Having your hardwood floors cleaned professionally at least once per year is one of the necessary steps to keeping your wood floors looking great. Our technicians are true hardwood floor experts and certified by the IICRC to clean all species of hardwood.

Our Valencia Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services
• Pre-finished and site-finished hardwood floors
• All species of hardwood (pine, oak, cherry, walnut, ash, bamboo, hickory, acacia, and more!)
• Deep cleaning
• Buffing
• Stain removal
• Pet stain and odor removal
• Re-coating

Why Choose Us for Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Valencia?
Hardwood floors must be cleaned by people who know what they are doing. It is imperative that only the proper pH balanced cleaning products are used on hardwood and, in some cases, the pH must exactly match the species of wood being cleaned. It is also necessary for cleaners to understand how to operate deep cleaning and rotary buffing machines to get dirt out. Otherwise, you can end up with uneven wear patterns on the wood floor.

You never have to worry when you call us for hardwood cleaning services. Our Valencia technicians are IICRC certified and have gone through extensive classes and hands-on training in floor cleaning methods. They know how to identify the type of hardwood you have and how it should be cleaned. We are also experts at stain removal and our methods can get rid of evidence of uneven wear, such as on high-traffic areas of your floor. After we finish cleaning, your hardwood floor will look lustrous and opulent again.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning Services
Mopping is important for keeping hardwood floors clean because it removes surface dirt before it can get into the wood grains. However, mopping doesn’t do much to get rid of dirt which has already settled into the grain. To get out this dirt, you need to use agitation to cause the dirt to rise towards the surface of the floor. Our rotary machines are perfect for this task. Your floors will truly start to radiate and glow again because they are clean from the inside out.

Getting Dirt Out from Gaps in Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors
Wood will naturally shrink and expand a bit due to changes in temperature and moisture levels. With pre-finished wood floors, this can be a problem because dirt will get caught in the small gaps which appear between planks when they shrink. This can quickly start to look unsightly as you will see the plank lines over your floor. Don’t worry. Our hardwood floor experts can easily take care of the problem and remove dirt so your floor looks homogenous.

Want to learn more about our hardwood floor cleaning services? Contact us today to speak to an expert and get a free estimate.