Tile Cleaning

Tiles, whether from ceramic, stone, or glass, are incredibly beautiful style elements of your home. For all their beauty though, tiles have the downside of being hard to keep clean. The porous nature of tile and grout means that they will absorb all sorts of household grime. In bathrooms, you get dark and dank mildew imbedded into the tiles. In kitchens, oil can soak deep into the tiles. In walkways, tiles and grout can become clogged with dirt.

At Citrus Fresh Valencia, we appreciate the beauty of tile – which is why we want to help you restore your tile to its original beauty!

Why Call Us for Tile Cleaning Services?
Tile cleaning is actually a lot more complicated than it seems. Often, all of that scrubbing you are doing is just pushing dirt further into the tile. Some types of tile should never be cleaned with certain types of cleaners. The wrong choice of cleaner could cause the coating on the tile to break down or even weaken the tile.

At Citrus Fresh Valencia, we take the pain out of tile cleaning. With nearly 2 decades of experience as a tile cleaning business in the Los Angeles area, we have dealt with virtually every type of tile and tile stain. Our technicians undergo regular training to ensure they are up to date on the latest tile cleaning methods and we constantly invest in the newest technology and tools.

Regardless of how tough your job is, you can count on us to:

• Enhance the natural color of your tile or stone
• Restore grout to its original color
• Keep your tile and grout safe
• Destroy bacteria and germs

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process
Over the years, our Citrus Fresh Valencia tile and grout cleaning team has perfected a system for handling even the toughest jobs. Note that we assess each job on an individual basis, so there may be some slight tweaks to the system depending on the type of tile and stains in question.

The first step to getting the tile and grout clean is to treat the surface with a special cleaning agent. It serves to loosen all of the dirt, hard water deposits, and grime which have built up on the surface and within the tile and grout.

Next, we use a rotating brush over the tile and grout. The rotating force will stir up the grime in the tile and grout. This brush is very effective at removing much of the surface grime. To make sure we are getting all of the grime out of the tile and grout, even from deep within, the next step is to follow up with a high-pressure wet vacuum. The pressurized water blasts the grime out and the vacuum action sucks it up. The great thing about this machine is that it keeps the water controlled in a small place. So, you don’t have to worry about water getting all over your floor and damaging baseboards. We can even use the tile cleaning machine on walls, like kitchen backsplashes, without causing a watery mess.

After completing the tile and grout cleaning process, we will speed dry the surface so we can check to make sure that all stains have been removed. If the tile and grout are not completely clean, we will repeat the process until you are satisfied.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
At Citrus Fresh Valencia, our 100% satisfaction guarantee does not just apply to our workmanship. It also applies to the overall experience you have. From the moment you call, you will be treated with respect. Calls are always answered by a real person who is knowledgeable about tile cleaning and will help you figure out your options. Appointments will be met on time and you won’t ever be laden with hidden fees.

How We Can Help:

• Residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning
• Floor and wall tile cleaning, including backsplashes
• Stone cleaning
• Fireplace tile and stone cleaning
• Free estimates
• Satisfaction guaranteed

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