Carpet and Water Damage Clean Up

What is worse than a wet, stained carpet? The mold growth which can occur if you don’t get the water cleaned up right away! We are available 24/7 for emergency carpet and water damage cleanup services in Valencia. No matter how bad the situation seems, we are here to get things under control quickly so your home can look great and be safe.

Why Choose Us to Clean Up Water Damaged Carpets?
Water damage cleanup is something which shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want to make sure you have a professional handling the job so no moisture is left remaining, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home’s foundation and mold damage.

We are professionals when it comes to water damage cleanup from carpets. Our technicians have been Certified by the IICRC and are trained in methods of removing water and moisture, as well as Category III water damage cleanup (black water), sanitization procedures, mold mitigation methods, and stain removal and restoration. We have professional-grade equipment for the job which includes various sizes of pumps to get standing water off of carpets. Water extractors help remove virtually all of the moisture from the carpet. To get things dry before mold growth can begin, we set up industrial grade air movers and dehumidification systems; we can also create air chambers if necessary to expedite drying.

When your property has been damaged past the point of salvaging, such as with sewage water on carpets or toxic materials, we make sure that everything is bagged and disposed of properly according to local Valencia regulations.

Mold Damage Cleanup from Carpets
One major problem we see is mold growth and stains on carpets. Often times, carpets get “just a little bit wet.” Homeowners don’t realize that even a small amount of moisture can quickly get locked in the carpet padding and subfloor. The carpet itself may feel dry to the touch, but moisture pockets can remain below it. The moisture creates the ideal conditions for mold to grow, and the mold quickly can spread throughout the entire area if the moisture conditions are right.

Cleaning up mold is a controlled process that begins with identifying the degree of damage. Our technicians treat the mold using biocides. Please note that mold spores are not killed by bleach, so please do not try to use household cleaners to clean up a mold problem on your carpet! After we have made sure that all mold spores are killed, we can work on removing the mold stain from the carpet so your property is restored.

Insurance Coverage for Water Damaged Carpets
If the water damage to your floors was significant, you may want to consider filing a claim with your homeowners insurance provider. Most policies do cover the costs of water damage from sudden, unexpected plumbing problems, and you may have a separate policy which covers damage from natural sources such as flooding or heavy storms. Our technicians can help explain the pros and cons of filing an insurance claim to cover the costs of water damage cleanup services, and also help you document the damages with reports and photographic evidence to support the claim.

We are available 24/7 for carpet water damage cleanup services in Valencia. Call us anytime to get the water cleaned up fast!